December 2 tarot

Your Weekly Tarotscope For December 2- Dec 8, Revealed

Using Rider Waite Tarot Cards. This is year I started my Spiritual Journey. This year I began to repair my past traumas. This spiritual journey, along with the clarity and understanding of the retrogrades helped me see my hurt at face value..

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This card to me represents the closure I seek to have from my past! Again this speaks on more things I need to finally let go of so that I can move on and be complete.

Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of November 26-December 2, 2018

This year I learned to embrace trusting my intuition. Building the bond between the two again Although this relationship is still in the early stages it has the potential to grow and develop into something rewarding and fulfilling for the long haul! Want to know more about your Natal Chart? What makes you who you are and why! This week the Three of Wands wants you to continue pondering those questions, but also would like you planning your focuses for the winter season.

Phoenix Psychic Fair December 2018

What three things would you like to get done that will carry you into the spring of ? The Tower shows up when outside forces are about to shake your foundations. For some of you the lesson will be around how you ride the waves of change that you have no control over.

December 2 - Tarot Card of the Day

You got another two card so balance and harmony are still in play this week. Then the Two of Wands added how would this harmony actual play out? Now the Two of Swords has you choosing a path that is balanced and harmonious. The lesson is less about the act of choosing, for either road will take you to your destination.

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This week is more about which journey will balance that good and bad to create a pleasing and interesting trip. The Hermit suggests that the best way to deal with the coming week is to stand back and gain perspective the bigger picture. This can look as simple as turning off all technology devices and listen to the wind and your inner voice. Or can look as complex as pulling yourself so far away from your daily life that you can look at it from the higher place where your soul and mind reside.

Phoenix Psychic Fair December 2018

Ultimately either way, silence and distance will bring you more insight than being part of the maddening crowd. Last week the Hanged Man challenged you to question Who am I in two ways. One way was spending time with yourself internally contemplating on your existence, or choosing literally or figuratively different paths experiencing the eternal especially ones out of your ordinary existence.

No wonder you need another week and a little help to journey from the Eight of Wands with this question. This card comes when the Universe wants to help with information.

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This week look for messages to aid you answering this question. The Two of Cups is the card of relationships. This week your challenge is how to create more love and kindness in your world. Start with your loved ones and then open your arms to the rest of the World. The Lovers is the card of collaboration. This week collaboration is not only your challenge but your goal.

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The more you work with others the more divine and original the outcome. This can look as simple as making holiday cookies with a friend or as complex as creating a new person, a new project, art, or music. The challenge is finding that sweet spot of sharing and listening. Last week the Magician was asking you to bring the divine down using your unique self as a conduit, and challenging you to create something that also benefits others.

That card was a karmic card for you all meaning can be pretty amazing in the creation department.

The only down side to all that creative energy is that it needs to be focused. Remember this alchemy is like harnessing lightning. Well lucky you, the Ace of Wands gives you another week to hone your metaphorical lightening rod, so continue to take this week to experiment with the what, when, and how of your creations for The Two of Pentacles is the card of practicing balance in your material plane; think of it like juggling with eggs and adding other items as you go.