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But it would not be a long phase just of three to four days after that the things will start tuning in your favor and you will get multiple of earning opportunities but you would be unable to encash them. Third week shall be knowledge enriching, during the phase you will learn to develop your professional skills. After 20th you may succeed in any competition, debate or exam this is the most favorable time for the students and job seekers.

During the time the rivals will remain quite while mentally you shall be strong.

ARIES November 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast - Exciting Month for you!

Your reputation will increase. Any auspicious occasion might be celebrated during this time. By the end of the month you may come across some unpleasant news from some of your close one that will shake you from the depth of heart and your attention will be diverted.

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You may undertake some business out goings and they shall be fruitful too. By the end of last week you may plan to go out with family for enjoying good time at restaurant. You will be successful in what so ever you do. If you do not know your moon sign, Sign Up Now. If you have any query then we will have its astrological solution, because none question is born answer less.

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Toggle navigation. Radhekrishna Shashtri. Horoscope forecast is based on moon sign. In vedic astrology recommands Moon Sign analysis for precised prediction. Know your moon sign. Cancer February Horoscope. We must look at the intricacy of our personal web of desires and dysfunction to see them for what they are. Doing so will help heal our personal and collective suffering this year. Will they affect you?

What have you learned about business? How do you relate to the authority figures in your life? Have you matured in any area? These are the questions that you will answer as Saturn begins moving forward once again. This is a time to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. Mercury is still moving forward at speed as October begins—yippee! Expect things to go swiftly and smoothly at the office and in your personal communications too.

But around October 24th, prepare to slow down for the upcoming Mercury retrograde period that begins on the 31st. Mercury is in Scorpio this month and will be going retrograde in that sign, so get ready to have some hard conversations with people who know you far too well and who might have some reflections that are difficult to hear.

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Here are more clues about handling Mercury Retrograde with grace. October begins with the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. As an Air sign, Libra blows in the winds of change at the autumnal equinox and frosts the leaves, creating a red and golden landscape. Imagine the season of Libra as a beautiful lady whose skirt is a small cyclone of brightly colored leaves, dancing and swirling.

Winter is coming, but is not here yet. This is the fall, when the sun dips below the equator and leaves cascade from the trees. This year Libra runs from September 23 to October October concludes with Watery, Fixed Scorpio , beginning on October Death is in the air as the nights grow colder still and darkness begins to settle in after the equinox has passed. Ghosts appear and the dead speak. Is it any wonder that Scorpios are sometimes a mystery, even to themselves?

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